Child Custody Attorney Seattle WA- Seattle Family Law Attorney

Child Custody Attorney Seattle WA- Seattle Family Law Attorney

Child Custody Attorney Seattle WA- Seattle Family Law Attorney

Child Support Attorneys Seattle | Seattle Family Law Attorneys

Having Child Support or Divorce Issues in Seattle?


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Though the divorce process itself can be painful and very stressful for parents, the dissolution of their marriage is nearly constantly much more heart-breaking and stressful for the kids of the couple divorcing. Right here, we will look at the question of youngster assistance according to the laws of Washington State. If you are facing a divorce and you have youngsters, when you divorce in Washington State, a child assistance order is mandated by law, but there can be variations depending on your predicament and your agreements. In order to help defuse family tension, it’s significant that each parents realize the laws covering kid assistance.

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The best scenario would involve each parents coming to an agreement in between themselves and presenting the court with a mutually agreed upon child help strategy. Should the parents be unable to agree on how economic support will be divided amongst them, hiring a youngster custody/child assistance mediator or, ideally, a law firm skilled with divorce along with your mediator. Be conscious that hiring divorce attorneys and mediators, even though usually pricey, could prove needed in order to attain the outcome you need. However, with the assistance of a very good mediator, the parents stand a excellent opportunity of functioning out a mutually agreeable kid support plan. Thus, each parties save the higher expenses, both emotionally and financially, of a contentious trial.

Following is a list of paperwork required by the court.

Financial documents include:

1. Bank statements

2. Credit card statements

3. Titles to any personal property, including deeds to land, mortgages, deeds to private home/s

4. All titles to personal property, including vehicles, boats, private air transport. In the case of vehicles, you must include make, model, year and, if relevant, a Vehicle Identification Number

5. Other financial paperwork includes current bills, including loan payments, statements of letters regarding nonretirement, stocks, bonds, pension accounts and/or benefits, retirement account statements

6. And finally, tax returns from the recent past.

Other very important documents have to be presented, including:

Prenuptial or community home agreement/s if it/they exist
Any proof of domestic violence, no matter whether toward you or your kid/youngsters,
Children’s daycare and student attendance records, and any notes or other communication from children’s teachers

When the method of collection these documents can feel “over the top”, providing these documents to the court is important to your case. Furthermore, when you arrive at the court, you should bring with you:

1. The cause numbers of any other court cases involving your children, including cases involving domestic violence protection orders, etc.

2. Birth dates of you, your partner, and all children

3. The date and county of your marriage

4. The date of separation

5. Addresses for you, your partner, and where the children have lived for the previous five years, and,

6. If the child/children have lived apart from your address, you must provide the address/es of where the children have been living for the past five years.

As is evident, in order to come to a mutually agreeable kid support program, an enormous amount of work is essential. Retaining a very qualified Seattle divorce attorney or Family members Law Lawyer and a great mediator will increase your probabilities of a mutually agreeable result and cut down the level of stress on the entire family.

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